When you have a large eDiscovery project, you may consider hiring a project management team to enhance organizational capabilities. FRONTEO’s Project Management team offers you not only additional resources, but also unrivaled support and expertise.

FRONTEO's Expertise

The FRONTEO Project Management team, consisting of experienced JDs, paralegals, and litigation support professionals have years of real-world experience in all phases of eDiscovery.
  • Subject matter experts in all forms of litigation and regulatory investigations
  • Ongoing data management and Quality Control processes
  • Document and materials tracking ensures chain of custody

Advanced Project Management

Working from the beginning of a project, our experienced and skillful FRONTEO Project Managers ensure that:
  • Processing and reporting requirements are well-defined
  • Sampling procedures are used to ensure quality control processes meet specific project requirements
  • Security measures are put in place to preserve confidentiality and information integrity

Conflicts of Interest Avoidance

FRONTEO takes its responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest very seriously. Given FRONTEO’s decades of work on complex litigation matters, all incoming projects are proactively screened against a database of current and past clients and parties to identify potential conflicts.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

FRONTEO Project Management experts are standing by to answer your questions.