Difficult to track legal holds in a spreadsheet? Imagine a site where executives, staff, and legal teams all have access to pending hold requests. Simplifying the process of preserving ESI ensures a better outcome for any size project.

FRONTEO's Expertise

The FRONTEO Preservation Team develops workflow-driven legal hold methodologies to safeguard potential evidence. Doing so ensures the data is captured in a legally defensible manner and is not destroyed or altered in any way. The FRONTEO Preservation Team:
  • Automates manual legal hold processes, ensuring appropriate notifications, reminders, and escalations are distributed to custodians
  • Combines experience with technology to deliver increased productivity and data protection
  • Routinely performs code and encryption-cracking, searches for and retrieves elusive data, determines potential deletion of files, and recovers deleted files

Advanced Preservation Solution

Utilizing advanced technology tools, FRONTEO’s Preservation Team:
  • Develops detailed preservation policies to fit specific needs
  • Works with clients to collect or lock down data
  • Conducts ongoing audits to ensure custodians are following the process

Advanced Legal Hold Technologies

Utilizing either KIBIT Automator legal hold applications, FRONTEO is able to customize processes to fit specific needs while assuring that preserved data will flow seamlessly into the next steps of the eDiscovery process. FRONTEO’s Preservation team utilizes Legal Hold technologies to:
  • Develop automated, defensible, and repeatable processes
  • Monitor and track every aspect of the legal hold and preservation process
  • Manage custodian lists

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