FRONTEO's Expertise

KIBIT integrates machine learning technology with data classification to ingest,
understand, and learn both data and intent. KIBIT can:

  • Acquire tacit knowledge of experts, helping to manage eDiscovery matters more efficiently
  • Learn from project managers to build decision making criteria
  • Learn the subtleties of human behavior

Features of KIBIT

Highlights & Benefits of KIBIT include:

  • More than 50 patents on our technology portfolio
  • Emulate human decision-making to analyze vast amounts of data
  • Learns based on training data and adapts to evaluate and extract associated data
  • Uses morphological analysis to identify parts of speech and words within unstructured, free-form textual data
  • Ranks the importance of each word and sentence based on the criteria you set
  • Evaluates and weighs words, attaching scores to rank and reflect relevance of identified data
  • Dynamically creates and provides content to users, including information supporting its data evaluation
  • If the AI cannot find specific information you are looking for it will provide you the reasoning, and offer alternative considerations
  • Behavior Informatics combines information science and behavioral science to extract human behavior patterns from data
  • Machine learning enables computers to identify and learn from universal structures contained in data
  • KIBIT’s learning progress can be seen based on comparison with past progress, showing its improvement and confirming accuracy
  • Functions as a large-scale knowledge base to leverage prior data analysis results as a reusable information resource
  • Uses a behavior forecasting model to identify signs of elevated risk, such as in fraud investigations

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