To minimize the stress associated with production, FRONTEO eDiscovery consultants have developed a pro-active approach to identifying production candidates. Beginning with the end in mind, your production requirements are defined at the start of the review process.

FRONTEO's Expertise

FRONTEO eDiscovery consultants assist clients in producing millions of documents each year. This deep experience enables consultants to virtually meet any production specification and identify irregularities before production sets are released. From the production of TIFF to native to hybrid files types, plus post-production inspections for critical path items such as redactions, we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Production Capabilities

When review is complete, FRONTEO eDiscovery consultants employ advanced production techniques to assist in delivering even the most complex productions:
  • Creating automations that help avoid common issues
  • Meeting tight deadlines on simple or complex productions
  • Producing large document sets as required utilizing client specified formats and media

Do you have questions? We have answers.

FRONTEO eDiscovery consultants are standing by to answer your Production questions.