FRONTEO’s Expertise

With over two decades of experience providing high-quality legal services for APAC-based international organizations, FRONTEO has developed unparalleled expertise supporting matters involving various languages.

  • Language: Japanese/We provide Japanese. English, Korean, Mandarin and Chinese. As such, FRONTEO maintains a deep bench of staff and consultants with extensive experience managing multi-jurisdictional document reviews.
  • Experience: Past projects include matters that require bilingual reviews in Japanese and English, Korean and English, Chinese and English, as well as single language reviews, and multi-lingual reviews involving three or more of these languages. FRONTEO’s added ability to quickly staff document reviews with bilingual experienced staff has led to countless successful engagements and continues to be a core strength across FRONTEO’s various verticals and business offerings.
  • Consultation: FRONTEO’s proficiency in identifying linguistic nuances distinctive to Japanese, Korean and Chinese (CJK) languages, combined with years of success navigating clients through complex cross border matters, has enabled FRONTEO review managers, data scientists and consultants to develop best practices that optimize review workflows by leveraging advanced technologies and AI-powered solutions.

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