Who We are

FRONTEO is a global eDiscovery leader and a pioneer in AI Assisted eDiscovery (AI Review). FRONTEO developed KIBIT, an AI engine, and placed it at the heart of our analytics review tool, KIBIT Automator (KAM), to deliver the advantages of AI Review to clients. KIBIT is a natural language processor that requires only a small amount of training data to maximize review efficiency.

FRONTEO has been using KIBIT for several years not only within e-Discovery review workflows in cross-border cases, but also within Japan in industry sectors from finance to government to help cut through voluminous data to find the information required to run businesses more efficiently.

FRONTEO developed an AI Review workflow that maintains review quality while increasing overall review speed. KIBIT compares review target documents against responsive and non-responsive training documents, assigns to each document a Relevancy Score between 0 and 10,000, and then reorganizes and groups the review target documents according to the Relevancy Score. With KIBIT, we can create a defensible cut-off point based on the Relevancy Scoring, thereby greatly reducing the number of documents requiring manual review. The manual review portion is more effective because KIBIT prioritizes probable responsive documents by score.

In addition to KIBIT’s AI-powered scoring of documents, KAM offers a suite of reporting functions and analytics that makes the review process transparent and defensible, and supports review quality control. We estimate that, due to the impact of the AI Review workflow, AI review is nearly twice faster than standard linear review.

CEO Message

“Our technology is for fairness and justice”
FRONTEO announced proudly this message 10 years ago when we went public in Nasdaq.
Since then, we continue to provide service and develop technology with our mission “Bright Value”.
Our value is obviously to make global clients and people be happy feeling fairness and justice.
20 years ago, we established business from discovery forensics pursuing legal fairness and justice for global corporations.
In 2023, our technology has extended and reached out to Economic Security area that contributes for “De-risking” of national security and human rights area.

Together with legal technology area, we have been restlessly developing AI drug discovery platform to accelerate the drug development process.
Target molecule identification is crucial but locates in the most upper stream of the drug discovery.
Without appropriate target identification, many efforts in the downstream often end up in vain.
For a long time, pharma companies were struggling to find out enough number of target molecules to discover the drug.
FRONTEO has developed “ONLY ONE” AI solution to cover this one of the most critical steps of the drug discovery.
The hypothesis model is delivered by our most experienced biologist in the industry through our Drug Discovery AI Factory.
We are thrilled that we could finally launch this solution to significantly contribute life science area based upon our objective, technology for fairness.

Naritomo Ikeue

FRONTEO Chairman and CEO, Masahiro Morimoto answered about our value in the interview after Nasdaq listing event in 2013

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