At FRONTEO, Managed Services is viewed as a partnership between our clients and our team, designed specifically to help you manage your eDiscovery challenges.

Simplify eDiscovery with FRONTEO’s Managed Services

What are eDiscovery managed services from FRONTEO? Our comprehensive solution provides a powerful mix of cutting-edge tools, legal resources, and advanced data management to streamline forensics and data processing. When it comes to managed services, eDiscovery from FRONTEO also helps ensure compliance and more efficient governance, helping you maintain the trust of your partners and stakeholders.

Our modern eDiscovery Managed Services encompass a range of critical functions, from data collection and processing to document review and strategic litigation support. We’re not a one-size-fits-all platform — we offer tailored solutions and customized support for powerful eDiscovery.

FRONTEO's Expertise

The FRONTEO Managed Services Partnership (MSP) is a combination of experienced personnel and customized tools that deliver a layer of managerial consistency across all matters.
  • Application of highly effective technology streamlines eDiscovery processes and provides focus for the outside counsel team
  • Single point of coordination between in-house teams and outside counsel
  • Repeatable and cost-efficient workflows enhance defensibility

The Key Elements of the Managed Services Partnership

Through seven key phases, FRONTEO experts work with clients to create a customized ecosystem designed to leverage FRONTEO’s infrastructure.
  • From technology requirements to subject matter specialists to capacity planning, the process is scalable and built to provide the long term eDiscovery solutions needed to meet specific client requirements
  • A dedicated Executive Program Manager provides centralized leadership and coordinates both internal and external teams
  • Flat-rate pricing based on capacity requirements caps costs and eliminates additional expenses, while detailed reporting tracks spend and resource usage

Leveraging Multiple Matters

Discovery Recycling, the use and re-use of data and processes in multiple matter litigations, creates efficiencies and reduces discovery costs. This is modern eDiscovery!
  • Specific tools and workflows are designed to take advantage of repetitive data and processes
  • Identification of key evidence used in previous depositions and trials
  • Access to notes, coding, and privilege calls

Discover the Power of eDiscovery Managed Services

As a leading provider of eDiscovery managed services, it is at the heart of everything we do. By leveraging our eDiscovery managed services solution, you can start optimizing and managing your business processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and performance. 

Cost Efficiency in eDiscovery

eDiscovery is often one of the most costly aspects of legal proceedings. FRONTEO's managed eDiscovery services prioritize cost efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge technology and processes. We help you reduce unnecessary spending by optimizing data collection and storage, eliminating redundant efforts, and minimizing the risk of over-collection. Our cost-effective approach ensures that you can allocate your resources strategically, focusing on the core aspects of your case while staying within budget.

Scalable Data Management

In eDiscovery, the volume of data can vary greatly from case to case. As a top eDiscovery managed services provider, our solutions are designed to scale seamlessly and adapt to the demands of each litigation or investigation. Whether you’re dealing with a small-scale matter or a complex multi-jurisdictional case, our solutions provide the flexibility to expand or contract your data management needs. 

Access to Advanced Technology

Keeping up with lightning-fast advancements in eDiscovery technology can be challenging. FRONTEO's managed eDiscovery services give you access to state-of-the-art tools and platforms that streamline the entire eDiscovery process from start to finish. From advanced data analytics to machine learning algorithms, our technology-driven solutions enhance your ability to extract valuable insights from your data, making your legal strategy more data-driven and effective. 

Reduced Legal Risks

Legal risks associated with eDiscovery can be detrimental to your case. Mishandling of data, spoliation, or inadequate document review can lead to severe consequences. FRONTEO's managed eDiscovery services incorporate industry best practices and compliance measures to minimize legal risks. We ensure that your eDiscovery process complies with all relevant regulations and legal standards, safeguarding your case and your reputation. 

Streamlined Document Review

Efficient document review is critical for building a strong legal strategy. FRONTEO's eDiscovery Managed Services offer intelligent document review solutions that significantly reduce the time and effort required to sift through vast amounts of data. Our advanced analytics and technology-assisted review tools help you identify relevant documents faster and build stronger strategies.

Expert Support 

FRONTEO's team is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled support for every case. Our managed eDiscovery experts offer guidance, training, and consultation services to help you make informed decisions and optimize your eDiscovery process. You can rely on our experienced professionals to assist you in every aspect of your litigation or investigation. 

Enhanced Data Security

Data security is a paramount concern in eDiscovery, especially when dealing with sensitive information. FRONTEO's eDiscovery Managed Services prioritize data security and access controls. We ensure that your data remains confidential and protected, giving you peace of mind during the eDiscovery process. 

Customized Service Solutions

We know that every case is unique. FRONTEO's Managed Services are customizable, allowing you to tailor our services to meet the specific needs and objectives of your cases. Our flexibility ensures that you receive a personalized and effective eDiscovery solution. 

Strategic Litigation Support

Successful litigation often requires a strategic approach. FRONTEO's Managed Services provide strategic litigation support, helping you identify key insights from your data that can shape your legal strategy. Our experts assist you in building a compelling case, leveraging data-driven tactics for a competitive advantage.

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