FRONTEO’s Expertise

FRONTEO understands the critical role that precise and rapid translations play in the world of cross-border eDiscovery. Our project management team has extensive experience in designing translation workflows to meet the unique needs of legal professionals and eDiscovery experts navigating international litigation and regulatory investigations.

  • Legal Document Translation: We provide several tiers of legal translation services to our clients through our technology or close partnerships with dedicated translation vendors. Our tiers include:
    • Quick machine translation for document text or native files with post-formatting included.
    • Machine translation as above, with post-translation human editing to ensure that meaning is conveyed accurately in every instance.
    • Certified document translation by expert legal translators who are well-versed in the intricacies of legal terminology and regional legal systems.
  • Advanced Language Review Workflows: Our team of data scientists, project management professionals and review managers are well-versed in application of language detection and analytics; operating Technology Assisted Review in a multi-language environment and setting up effective multi-lingual document review aimed at minimizing translation burden in the course of the project.
  • Data Security and Chain of Custody: We host our data in a secure cloud environment and maintain a chain of custody for all translated documents and data to ensure their authenticity and reliability.

Accurate Cross-Border Translation You Can Trust

When you’ve got cross-border work to do, you need translation services you can rely on that don’t cost a fortune. FRONTEO provides clients with accurate, confidential translation services performed by competent professionals who care.

Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (CJK) differ significantly from the English language and other world languages. With China's global influence undeniable, mastering the complexities of Chinese for business and legal matters is essential. FRONTEO bridges this gap with expert Japanese, Korean, and Chinese legal translation services, ensuring you navigate these differences with precision and cultural sensitivity. 

But our CJK translation services don’t stop there. We also provide translations in other languages, ensuring our clients can handle any legal matters effectively across the globe. 

Expert Review by Legal Professionals

In addition to experienced translators capable of producing translations that are true to their original texts, we also employ quality legal professionals to review your documents for accuracy and compliance. Our legal experts are highly experienced and well-versed in the nuances of local and regional law and legal systems. 

Support for Multiple Languages

FRONTEO provides support for multiple languages. Whether you need translation into or out of CJK, our language experts are adept at accurately conveying meanings from one language to another without losing essential information in translation. 

Fast and Accurate Translations

We give you top-of-the-line CJK and other-language translation services when and how you need them. Despite the speed of our work, we never sacrifice quality when handling your important matters. 

Machine Translation With a Human Touch

Machine translations can be very effective in working through volumes of documents. At FRONTEO, we may use machine translation to translate document texts or native files, but never without the supervision and post-translation editing by humans to ensure quality and accuracy. 

Peace of Mind With Data Security

FRONTEO gives your organization peace of mind when conducting business in the modern world and across multiple languages and countries. Our strict attention to detail, meticulous planning, and preparation help ensure the highest quality translation products and the security required to keep your interests safe.

Freed Up Time

With FRONTEO handling your legal translation matters, you won’t have to devote time and resources to these issues. Instead, you and your organization are free to direct your energies to handling the important substantive affairs that drive and affect your business.

If you have legal translation needs, you deserve top-notch professional translation services that ultimately provide accurate translations. Subpar CJK legal translation work can and will lead to legal, business, and organizational problems that you may not be able to afford to deal with. Protect your individual, business, or organizational interests by choosing a legal translation service with a track record of providing airtight legal translation and language services as well guidance on relevant matters when appropriate. 

Cross-Border Translation Services

Our team of cross-border translation experts manages a diverse range of projects and tasks for clients requiring translation services related to Asian powerhouses like Japan, South Korea, and China. They have the experience and the skills to get the job done right the first time.

Our team of legal translators provides quality CJK legal translation services to ensure the production of clean, legally accurate, and compliant documents translated into or out of Chinese. 

If you require CJK legal translation services or other similar work, you can rely on FRONTEO for accuracy and nuanced, skilled translation work. Here are three of the languages we work with at FRONTEO.

Japanese Legal Translation Services

Our services offer precise Japanese legal translation for any language requiring conversion to or from Japanese. Our dedicated team ensures critical ideas and subtle nuances are preserved, guaranteeing accuracy and clarity in every translation.

Korean Legal Translation Services 

Our dedicated team of experts specializes in delivering precise and tailored translations to respect the cultural nuances and specific needs of our clients working with South Korean matters. By focusing on accuracy and cultural sensitivity, we ensure that each translation effectively communicates the intended message in a way that is both respectful and relevant to the target audience. 

Chinese Legal Translation Services

Looking for swift and reliable cross-border translations? Our team provides fast, accurate translation of your legal and technical documents into or out of Chinese, regardless of the languages involved.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

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